Terms of purchase

Contract of Purchasing

The time of purchase is the date when you submit your order via the webshop to a certain trader. Your on-line order should be confirmed by mail or telephone. The automatic reply of the webshop to your order is not yet a confirmation. The exact form and date of the confirmation depend on the given trader. Under ’Information’ you can find contact data to traders.

The Process of Order

The set-up of the shops of UnasShop System provides quick and comfortable navigation for buyers. Menu points help easy access to all information.


Products can be viewed by way of ’Products’ menu point. First you can see general categories of products. If you step into one of those categories (in which there are products), then there you can find short reviews about products, their prices, and other caracteristics. If you click on the icon ’Basket’, the product will be put into your basket. In case the list of products is longer than one page, you can go to the next page by clicking onto the numbers above and under the items.


Under the category ’Discount Products’ all discounted items in the webshop can be seen and beside each product you can find the starting and finishing date of the special sales period or just the start of the discount sale with the notification ’until the product is available’.


If you need more information about a given product, you can click on the image or the name of that product. Then you will find more info on the page dedicated to that certain item.


You can look for a certain product, too. In case of a simple enquiry you should only give a word identifying what you want to find. If there is a match, you will see the result. In case of a specialized enquiry you can detail your quest according to category and characteristics. After a successful quest products are presented in the same way than in case of a quest by the relating Menu point. Here you can go to the next pages, either, and you are also provided a detailed account of the characteristics of products.


You can control what is in your basket by Menu point ’Basket’. You may modify ordered quantities here, or can delete your order one by one or as a whole. If you are sure you want to order, you should click on the ’Order’ Menu point.


Prior to ordering you have to register by clicking on ’Registration’ and giving the required data. Registration is listed by your e-mail address, so each address could be registered just once. Registration does not involve any commitment of whatsoever.


If you have already registered, but forgotten your password, click to the password reminder. After you have given your registered e-mail address, you will be sent your password via e-mail.


You can enter by ’Customer Entry’. Write in your registered e-mail address and password, then click to ’Enter’. If you have successfully entered, in that window your e-mail address will appear and you will also see the Menu point ’Quit’ by which you can quit the webshop.


If you are in ’Basket’ Menu point and click to ’Order’, you will eventually get into the page of payment, logistics and other possibilities where you should choose from among the most suitable variations. If you are ready, you should click on ’Continue’. Your all data will appear in connection with your order that you should control and revise. If you find everything in order, you can confirm and finalize your order by clicking on  <Order>.


You can review the state of all your unfinished order in ’Follow-up of orders’. Here you can find a list of all your previous orders, too.

Security of Information

When ordering you are required only to give basic data that are vital to a successful order. Those data are not available for a third party with the exception of those that are neccessary for the purchase or transport of the ordered item.

Method of Payment

Transfer of money should be done in advance.

Money should be transferred to the account of NATURAL-MED Kft,

Bank: OTP Bank,

IBAN: HU15 11705008-29905083-00000000

The name of the purchaser or the number of the order should be noted. 10 working days after the completed transfer your ordered items will be forwarded, and you will receive an e-mail confirming that.

Method of Mailing

Map/Abroad: certified postal letter


Ordered items will be forwarded to the given address by the Hungarian Postal Services according to its own business regulations.

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