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Szechenyi's Orientation Ear Map

Szechenyi's Orientation Ear Map
The ear map offers a solution for finding in a standardised scheme the Chinese, the Nogier, or even the Széchenyi 191 ear acupuncture points. The solution is very simple: to localise the ear points based on reference points, i.e. we use relative localisation: for this we use the anatomical attributes of the ear – additionally,
- the Orientation points,
- the Main orientation lines and the
- Auxiliary Orientation lines help accurate localisation.

Size: 400×200 mm
  • As the individual ear points are not determined in a fixed coordinate system, the Orientation ear map provides flexibility: no matter how the patient’s ear looks, by using the orientation map and relative localisation the place of the acupuncture point will always be the same. If you apply this method, you will shortly realise that all ears look the same!
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